Tahoe '68

THE EVANS FAMILY BAND is getting back together -- whether they like it or not.

An dramedy series about reinvention and redemption.

Created by writer/musicians Linda Good and Laura Good

Tahoe '68

LOGLINE: In a 1968 sleepy resort town on Lake Tahoe, an estranged brother and sister are forced to resurrect their infamous family band to save their ailing mother’s supper club from the mob.

Written by Laura Good and Linda Good

SYNOPSIS: MAYBELLINE “BELLINE” EVANS, single mom and former half of a famous brother/sister act, is on the brink of losing her family’s run-down supper club in 1968. When her estranged brother, disgraced Vegas headliner WESLEY EVANS, shows up with big casino debts and the mob on his tail, she must find a way to keep the club and the family from going under. In spite of their musical feuds and burned bridges, THE EVANS FAMILY BAND is getting back together, whether they like it or not.

The dusty Starlite Supper Club on the shore of Lake Tahoe is where we see the best and the worst of The Evans Family Band. When Wesley broke up the band to go solo, Belline had to put her dreams on hold. She’s been taking care of her ailing mama and raising Wesley’s kids, as well as her own. All she wants to do is sing her own song, and take a nap — not necessarily in that order.

The Evan’s family kids have their own musical paths to carve out, as teenage cousins LIZZY, DANIEL and IRIS rarely get along, but something in their talented DNA draws them together. Wesley’s exes stir things up, including his kids' mom, the fiery PATTI JO PETRAKIS, and his high school flame, ROSIE CORTEZ. Belline is overprotective of her handicapped daughter Iris, but learns to let go and finds her own voice in the process. As the angsty teens try to navigate their lives during the rapidly changing ‘60s, Wesley is challenged to seek a better payoff than can be found on a roulette wheel. Too bad mob boss JOE STAMPONI doesn’t take payment in songs.

Offstage, their communication style stinks, but onstage, when The Evans Family Band harmonizes, great things happen. With the help of quirky neighbors, touring musicians (played by real life pop stars), and a soundtrack of the best music of the ‘50s and ‘60s, we’ll be guests at the bar drinking Singapore Slings wondering: Can the thing that tore a family apart bring them back together?

Tahoe ’68 is an dramedy series about reinvention and redemption through one family’s love of music, and the trials they must go through to achieve family harmony.

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